Anonymous threatens Elon Musk

Elon Musk trolls the world on Twitter and drives the price of cryptocurrencies up and down with short messages. In the name of the hacker group Anonymous, the Tesla boss is now being attacked hard.

Internet users who appear under the banner of the hacker group Anonymous have pre-buttoned Elon Musk: In a video that was distributed via some high-reach Twitter accounts such as @YourAnonCentral, an anonymous spokesman with the typical Guy Fawkes mask warned Tesla Boss and accused him of abusing his power to manipulate cryptocurrencies – especially Bitcoin. The YouTube video says that Musk destroyed lives with the “games with the crypto markets”. He is referred to as a “narcissistically rich guy” desperate for attention. But the carefully created public image will be exposed.

Musk’s tweets had given the digital currency an enormous ups and downs in the past few weeks. Among other things, he took back the promise just a few weeks after the announcement that Tesla would accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. He justified this with the increasing consumption of fossil fuels such as coal in the production of new bitcoins, the so-called mining. Many were puzzled because it was a well-known problem, as Anonymous also accuses him. His statements rocked the price and caused many investors to lose their investments.

The Anonymous spokesman later explained in a distorted voice: There are many other companies working on space exploration and electric vehicles, Musk is just the only CEO “who has achieved cult status through shit posting and trolling the world on social media.” Anonymous criticizes that the vast majority of Tesla’s income does not come from the sale of cars, but from what the group calls “government subsidies – the sale of CO₂ tax credits for your clean energy innovation.”

Anonymous also denounces working conditions

It doesn’t stop at criticism. The hacking group accuses Musk, whose current net worth is estimated at more than $ 150 billion, of making his employees suffer from poor working conditions. In addition, children in lithium mines would mine the raw materials for the Tesla batteries, which also destroys the environment.

Several actions in the past few years

The network movement Anonymous had become quieter in the past few years. There were also Anonymous social media accounts over the weekend, stressing that they had nothing to do with the latest video. In the past, the loose association of hackers and activists paralyzed websites mostly for political reasons. Their actions were directed against, among others, the Church of Scientology, the credit card company Mastercard, the media group Sony and the government of Zimbabwe.

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